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On June 23rd 2019, the Terrell family lost their families three-year-old son, grandson nephew and brother- Radyn Terrell, to an accidental gunshot wound to the head. 


Radyn was a beautiful boy with a heart so full it could burst; a caring soul with a gentle demeanor that can never be matched or replicated. He was the light of his families eye, bringing laughter and joy wherever he went, and he is missed deeply everyday. 


The Terrell’s have persevered through these tumultuous times by digging into the deepest parts of their faith and walking with the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 


Radyn is unequivocally missed everyday by his family, friends and community- he will be remembered in our hearts forever. 


In his three short years, Radyn showed his community the power of kindness, love and most of all- faith. These three pillars are the basic building blocks of the Live Like Radyn Foundation and what it stands for. 


The Live Like Radyn foundation was officially launched exactly one year after the passing of Radyn. We are dedicated in providing families with household child safety tools and information that most parents don’t have access to or know the corresponding statistics of. We believe hope and pray that the spread of in home child safety awareness can help families worldwide- save their own baby peach. 

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